2 Ways To Post Bail


The standard process for when someone gets arrested goes as follows: they may post bail (as long as they are eligible for it; rarely is a defendant not eligible for bail) and return home. Posting bail is done most commonly by one of two methods:

1. Cash bail – posting the full bail amount in cash to the court.

2. Bail bond – hiring a licensed bail agent whom you pay 10% of the bail to, and he or she will front the bail on your behalf in the form of a bond.

Both bail methods are carried out with the understanding that the defendant will appear in court when the judge asks him or her to. If they fail to oblige, the bail or bail bond will be forfeited, meaning the defendant will not get that money back. There could likely be additional consequences as well.

To get started on making you...

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Your Martinez Bail Bond Store’ Agents Are Available Wherever You Are


No matter where you reside in the state of California, you can always rely on Martinez Bail Bond Store, one of California’s best companies in the industry. Do not let the term “family-owned” trick you into thinking it’s a small company. Martinez Bail Bond Store has been blessed over the last 27 years to be able to expand and build offices throughout the entire state so that they can serve everyone! Yet still, you do not even have to live within distance of an office, as all the paperwork with your agent can be completed over the phone.

Martinez Bail Bond Store makes the bail process easier, faster, and more affordable than all other competitors. Worry less about how you are going to bail out your loved ones and let Martinez Bail Bond Store take care of that.

Give Martinez Bail...

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Your Happiness Is The Reason Martinez Bail Bond Store Do The Job So Well


Martinez Bail Bond Store is committed to serving you and securing your freedom. Our mission is to provide fast, friendly, confidential, and professional service to all of our clients. We believe in the right to bail and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Because of this, we do not discriminate or judge and welcome anyone and everyone to reach out to us for assistance.

Other bail bond companies may turn clients away or do a rush job on their case. But that is not the case for Martinez Bail Bond Store. We see clients leave our services 100% satisfied with our work and they happily reunite with their loved one. That visual is why we are so honored and so dedicated to the work we do. As a family-owned company, nothing makes us happier than bringing people together.

To make an a...

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Why Orinda Bail Bond Store Is The Best


When you come across a company with years of experience in the industry and an overflow of satisfied clients, you know the company is a winner. Orinda Bail Bond Store in California has the top agents in the industry, and has been successfully helping clients in need for over 27 years. See why this company is ranked the best in what they do:

• “Thank you for all the help during a very stressful time. Everyone was very professional and helpful. The agent was very good at explaining everything and answering all of my questions.” – Karina S. of Simi Valley, CA.

• “My wife contacted Orinda Bail bonds and they were there bright and early taking care of business. He was very polite and knew his job. I am very impressed and very pleased with Orinda Bail Bond Store.” – Bobby T...

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If Anyone Can Help You, It’s Us


As a longstanding bail bond company in California, Absolute is proud to serve anyone and everyone. We do not turn clients away because of their location, their financial situation, or the crime. We always find a way to help so they can be reunited with their loved one outside of jail. This is a family-owned business and you are our priority.

• Speedy and professional service.
• Confidentiality.
• Low-monthly payment plans that fit your financial needs.
• Zero interest.
• No hidden fees.
• Genuine care for each client.
• 24/7 availability.
• We travel to you.
• State-wide service.
• Credit cards accepted.
• Online payment system.
• 27 years in the business with the most experienced, friendly, and reliable agents.
• More customer satisfaction than any other bail co...

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Why You Need To Listen To Your Gut Instincts More


Don’t you want to kick yourself every time you reluctantly do something, and the outcome is exactly the reason you were reluctant to do it in the first place? Like, when you take a test and you pick answer A. Then you pick answer C. But it turns out answer A was the right answer.

Our gut instincts tell us a lot about the decisions we need to be making because more often than not, our intuition is much wiser and more correct than we give credit. If you feel like you should or should not do something because of the possible problems and dangers that could arise, then you should listen to what your gut instinct is telling you. Have a feeling a new peer is always up to no good? Don’t hang out with them. Think you won’t be able to drive after 2 more drinks? Don’t drink them...

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Sports Games Are Fun. Jail Time Is Not.


This is an exciting time of year for sports fans out there – the NBA playoffs have begun, and baseball season is starting. Rivalries clash, and the intensity of games can rise. It’s fun to be competitive on a legal and safe level. By this, we mean not letting your passion for sports blow up and land you throwing punches at another person.

Fights at sports games occur every now and then for reasons that mostly stem from supporters of opposing teams. Intoxication is often a factor. And before you know it, security breaks up the fight, the police arrive, and the parties are handcuffed. Occasionally some involved end up in the hospital with severe injuries...

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Martinez Bail Bond Store Makes Bail Easy


You get a dreaded call, one you never thought you’d get from a loved one. They are in jail and need you to help bail them out. You hang up the phone and are overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, amid your stress and confusion. You’ve got a lot of questions and don’t know where to start seeking answers.

Martinez Bail Bond Store is here to help you out and ease your mind. We are one of California’s best bail bond companies. What we do is help people in your situation post bail so they or a loved one do not have to await their hearing in jail. Our process is simple:

1. Let us know who you need to bail out, their birthday if you know it, and where they are being held. Martinez Bail Bond Store will contact that location and gather the rest of the information we need.


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Family Is Your First Answer To Help


It’s true that at some point in life, we all have the want and need to be independent. We hate to ask for help from others because there is a stigma that it shows weakness. We don’t want to burden others with our problems so we just keep attempting to solve them ourselves. We continuously fail.

However, that is a weakness stigma is a false representation. In fact, asking for help from others and acknowledging your need for them is a sign of maturity and a true act of wanting to improve upon oneself. Loved ones will be relieved to be able to openly help.

There is a proverb that goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Going faster alone leads to nowhere because all the in-between steps are overlooked and rushed...

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How To Find Out If There Is A Warrant For Your Arrest


Aside from bailing arrested individuals out of jail, Martinez Bail Bond Store is also able to conduct an anonymous search for you to check if a warrant has issued for your arrest.

Maybe something buried so deep in your past that you have forgotten about, but the police have not (or new evidence and technology brings the case back up). Maybe you have a bunch of unpaid tickets and fines. Maybe someone threatened you. Whatever your concern is, we can help find that out. All we would need is your name, birthday, and city or county you think the warrant was issued.

If there is no warrant – great. If there is, do not panic. We can start arranging your bail before you turn yourself in to the police, thereby reducing jail time...

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