Get the Bail Process Started Now By Calling Ceres Bail Bond Store

Ceres Bail Bond Store

Ceres Bail Bond Store was founded in 1987, since then we have been helping Californians bail out the important people in their life. We can bail clients out all over the state, at any time. Our bail agents are the best in California and will help you rescue your loved one from jail. At Ceres Bail Bond Store we care about our clients and the important people in their lives, which is why we treat them like VIPs.

We have bail agents working all over California, helping people when they need it most. Most of our offices are located near local area jails and courthouses to help speed up the process of bailing a VIP. No matter when your loved one was arrested, you can call Ceres Bail Bond Store for help. Our bail agents are available night and day, every day of the week.

When you call Ceres B...

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You Will Get The Help You Deserve At Hughson Bail Bond Store

Hughson Bail Bond Store

You will do anything to help the important people in your life, and when they get arrested, you will do whatever it takes to bail them out. When looking for a bail agent, you will need one that understands how important your loved one is to you. At Hughson Bail Bond Store, our bail agents truly cares about you and your friend or family member.

At Hughson Bail Bond Store, we understand that your friend or family member is more than just that, they are VIPs to you. We were founded as a family-owned bail company back in 1987 and have remained family-owned for the past 28 years. Our bail agents will help you bail your VIP out of jail quickly and make the entire experience easy for you because we understand how important it is to bail them out.

Hughson Bail Bond Store has offices and bail ag...

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At Modesto Bail Bond Store We’ll Treat Your Loved One Like A VIP

Modesto Bail Bond Store

Modesto Bail Bond Store is your one stop bail bonds company. When you call us, one of our trained bail agents will walk you through the bail bonds process. Our bail bondsmen will do all the work that is needed to get your loved one out of jail. We will treat your friend or family member like a VIP at Modesto Bail Bond Store.

When you call Modesto Bail Bond Store, simply give our bail agent the name of the person you are trying to bail out, his birthday and the county he was arrested in. Our bail bondsmen will search through the databases and find the VIP’s information for you. You will be able to rest easy knowing that a knowledgeable bail agent is taking care of your loved one.

Once our bail bondsmen have gathered all the needed information on the VIP, they will begin setting up the

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Bouncing Back From An Arrest

Newman Bail Bond Store

“Bouncing back” (as they call it) from an arrest can either be easy or hard and that’s largely up to you. You need to:

  • Prove to your family that their love and close support is your priority, and that you will not let them down.
  • Show friends you are not the person to go to jail again.
  • Reassure your employer that your work will not be affected again.
  • Apologize to any strangers who may have been directly involved in your incident, if necessary. You sure didn’t mean any harm.
  • Work with your lawyer to build a strong defense.
  • Let court know you are truly sorry for the mistake and deeply regret any involvement you had.
  • Believe yourself when you say you are stable to move on from the incident and not allow yourself to fall into any sort of bad situation again.

There is a lot in...

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What Is A False Arrest And False Imprisonment?

Oakdale Bail Bond Store

A false arrest is when Person A acts beyond their authority and wrongfully takes Person B into custody. This restricts Person B’s freedoms against his or her consent. A false imprisonment is similar to kidnapping, but without the more serious intentions like harm and ransom. A false arrest is a crime and the victim is allowed to sue for damages.

An example of a false arrest made by the police: the victim verbally insulted an officer, who then arrested him or her. The verbal insult set the officer off (verbally insulting the officer was not a crime and the victim truly did not commit any other crime) and he or she got furious, put them in cuffs, and took them to the station.

An example of false imprisonment by an individual: a security guard stops a shopper from exiting, saying she ha...

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What You Can Do To Bring A Loved One Home From Jail

Patterson Bail Bond Store

If you know a friend or family member in jail who needs help bailing out, you need to act quickly to help them out. The faster you connect with a bail bond company on your friend or family member’s behalf, the sooner the paperwork will be processed (it can take a few hours), and the sooner your loved one will be out of jail.

You should be the one to call a bail company. You have access to a phone and a computer to do accurate research for a reliable company. Not all bail companies will have your needs at their interests, to be honest. You will also need to begin thinking about how and where from you can collect funds to pay the premium for the company (10% of the full bail amount). Luckily, most bail bond companies like Patterson Bail Bond Store will allow you to pay off the premium ...

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Are There Any “Pros” To Bail Bond Store?

Riverbank Bail Bond Store

Bail bonds automatically generate a negative connotation in someone’s mind – “a lot of money that needs to be paid to get someone, who committed a crime, out of jail.” Basically, someone committed a crime but will go free until their trial as long as they pay x amount of money. But there are some pros to bail and bail bonds that are equally important (if not more important) to know:

  • Posting bail helps with jail overcrowding. Unfortunately, jails are overcrowded with the number of people serving short sentences or waiting trial (who didn’t or cannot bail out).
  • Posting bail ensures your safety (or your loved one’s safety, whoever the bail bond is for). You will be safe at home, in a familiar and comfortable surrounding, rather than in jail with other potentially dangerous p...
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You’ll Never Guess What Led To This Man’s Conviction

Turlock Bail Bond Store

Earlier this Summer, a young man was convicted of a crime (involving firearms), but you’ll never guess what led the officers and prosecution to this. The man had photos on his Instagram account that dated back to 2013 that showed him with the guns in question. The police were able to use this as probable cause to search the man’s house. This led to his conviction.

In fact, the police department acknowledged that they have a special unit they dub as the “social media officers.” These guys are the pros at catching evidence and criminals online.

This goes to show that what you post on social media is really “out there” for other people to see, even if your account is private...

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Waterford Bail Bond Store Provides You With High Quality Services

Waterford Bail Bond Store

When a friend or family member gets arrested, it can be a scary time for you. You want to get your loved one back quickly, and so you will do whatever you can to rescue him. However, you need to be careful when choosing a bail bond company, most are not as trustful as Waterford Bail Bond Store. You want to choose carefully.

As a general rule do not use a bail bond company that has more Justified Complaints from Department of Insurance than the company has been in business. Justified Complaints are complaints made to the Department of Insurance because the company lied, failed to give a response, or broke a contract with a client. The California Department of Insurance investigates these complaints and responds accordingly.

Companies that have more DOI Justified Complaints than they have...

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Get Your VIP Out Of Jail Today With Help From Ceres Bail Bond Store

Ceres Bail Bond Store

At Ceres Bail Bond Store we care about our clients. The friend or family member that you are trying to bail out of jail is important to you, and that makes them important to us. We treat your loved one like a VIP, because they really are important. We will always provide you and your VIP with fast, confidential and courteous service.

Ceres Bail Bond Store was founded in 1987 and since then has been family-owned and run. Our bail agents understand just how important family is. They will work tirelessly to get your VIP bailed out of jail. Depending on the county that your VIP was arrested in, our bondsmen can get them out of jail in as little as two hours.

We have local offices located all over California, with most of them located close to jails or courthouses...

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