You Know You Are Addicted To Pokémon Go When… And When To Delete The App

By now, you have definitely heard of the mobile game, Pokémon Go. You may even be playing it. But do you know when you or your loved ones are too addicted to the game? When you have become so addicted that it is dangerous to play? Do you know when you should stop and delete the game off your phone? Here are situations, all while playing the game which can tell you that you are too addicted.

  • You are driving.
  • You cross the street without looking up from your phone.
  • You are almost hit by a car, bike, or skateboarder.
  • You leave your house or car without locking it, even if you are only stepping away for a minute.
  • You knock on a stranger’s door asking if you can catch the special Pokémon that is inside their home or backyard.
  • You trespass on private property so you can catch a Pokémo...
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California’s Powerful New Gun Seizure Law

As you are well aware, five Dallas, Texas cops were killed during what was a peaceful protest regarding the shootings of two African American men in other states. They were killed by a man with an Army background, and thus had the skills and tactics to thoroughly plan his attack. It is not something that he came up with overnight.

Did friends and family know he was planning this attack? No. Did they ever suspect anything might be off? Perhaps, but probably not.

If this were in California, those friends and family members could have alerted the police with their concern, if they had any, and the police would have had to confiscate his weapons for 21 days. This is a new gun seizure law in California put into place this year and it has the power and potential to prevent many incidents...

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Important Things To Know When Getting A Bail Bond

Modesto Bail Bonds

Applying for a bail bond is a fast and easy process, but there is little room for error. We at Modesto Bail Bond Store have been successfully bailing individuals out of jail for nearly 30 years, and we will definitely help you too. However, we need you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. Know the name, birth date, county of arrest, and contact information of the defendant. Do not get the contact information wrong.
  2. Know the crime he or she was arrested for and where he or she is being held.
  3. Have co-signers ready if not you, in case they are needed.
  4. Make sure your loved one goes to all court dates.
  5. Stay on top of the bail bond payments. We will create an accommodating payment plan, but it is imperative to not take advantage of our flexibility and just pay whenever...
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Find Yourself Above Your Arrest

Do not cling to the thought that your recent arrest is going to prevent you from getting places in life. If you do, then that will likely be the case, but if you instead rise above the occasion and hold your head high, your future will be as you always imagined. All you need to do is remain positive.

Important people you encounter in your life may know about your arrest back in the day. They may have heard about it through the grapevine or looked at your background, and so what? They may care or they may not. Your personality and qualifications can override that mark on your record. There will continue to be some obstacles in your life, but none will compare to the time you dealt with your arrest...

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You Will Get Through This, Just Like Others Have

Bailing your loved one out of jail is a most unwanted task where you feel as if no one is there to truly support you. You feel more people judging you and your loved one. Do not worry, you are not the only person in this situation. Plenty of other people have gone through what you are going through and they have felt what you are feeling.

Band together with people who have experienced this before and you have got a great support group, even if it is made up of a bunch of strangers. Get the Modesto Bail Bond Store team involved to not only help you with the actual bail bond part, but to also be there as an additional team of kind people to be with you each step of the way. Through us, you can learn about the experiences of former clients...

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You Need To Be Prepared To Bail Your Loved One Out Of Jail At Any Moment

If one of your friends or family members, someone you love, got arrested right now, would you know what to do? Most people would not, and yet thousands of people are arrested every single day, and that is just in California. You should always be ready to bail out a loved one from jail, just in case the unthinkable happens.

When someone you care about gets arrested, you want a professional bail agent to be there to help you rescue your loved one. Salida Bail Bond Store is a statewide, family-owned bail bond company that has been helping Californians for nearly 30 years now. We can easily help you rescue your friend or family member from any jail or courthouse in the state.

We have offices located all over California...

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Remember When Pokémon Go Took Over?

As if we all did not spend enough time on our phones already. If you are not playing the game, then you had to have at least heard of the latest craze taking over our mobile phones, aka our lives: Pokémon Go. This mobile game has already more users on it than Tinder. Nintendo stocks have already shot through the roof, and people are already calling the dangers associated with the game.

  • Certain Pokémon are found on private property, leading game addicts to constantly knock on doors of private residences asking if they can go to their backyard to catch it or worse, they just trespass.
  • A girl came across a dead body while playing the game.
  • Two males helped catch an attempted murder suspect as they were playing the game.
  • A woman and her daughter were hit by a car while playing the game.
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You Need To Change Your Netflix Password Now

If you want to continue using Netflix from here on out, we highly recommend you change your password. Why? It is now considered a federal crime to share your password with others, seriously.

If you really think about it, it makes sense. If you share your Netflix password with other people, you are allowing them to watch movies and TV shows on a subscription-based service without paying the subscription. You are paying for them, but really, the price you are paying is meant for you only, not you and a handful of friends and family members.

While the police probably will not start arresting and prosecuting Netflix-password violators since there are so many people out there who have been sharing their passwords, the police do not have the manpower...

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Manteca Bail Bond Store Will Take Care Of All Your Bail Bond Needs

When is it acceptable to call a person at the earliest hours of the day when you should be sleeping, like at 3am? Answer: when your loved one called you first, telling you he or she has been arrested and that they need a bail bond. Do not worry, the people picking up your call for a bail bond will not be bothered.

Contact Manteca Bail Bond Store for all of your bail bond needs. Hopefully you will not need more than one, but no matter what, you can definitely count on Manteca Bail Bond Store. We have been helping Californians since our founding in 1987, we know what we are doing.

We are a statewide, family-owned bail bond company that has nearly 30 years of tremendous success in the bail bonds industry, building our reputation and image to one that is of utmost respect and reliability...

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Repair Your Reputation With Ceres Bail Bond Store

Reputation is a big deal to everyone. As much as we do not want to be judged based on our reputation, we are. There are many times we get boosts in our reputations and there will be a few instances that will bring it down a level. However, even when it goes down, it can always go back up, no matter what.

An arrest can be a huge reputation killer. Possibly one of the worst, but there are so many people out there who do not let it define them. It is certainly a weight to carry for a period of time, but they move past it and show others they are better than that brief moment. Eventually, those people too will look past the incident. The reputation is repaired and the once arrested person is very happy once again, getting job offers, referrals, and recommendations...

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