Modesto Bail Bond Store Takes An Oath

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Modesto Bail Bonds

At Modesto Bail Bond Store, we are incredibly proud of who we are. We are a hardworking, dedicated team of professional and licensed bail bond agents. We have taken an oath to serve and help anyone who comes to us in need of a bail bond, no matter what their situation is financially and personally. It is our duty to work around each client’s needs and to get them a bail bond and a custom payment plan that they can work with.

It is not in our ways to deny a person from our services. We do this job because we truly want to see families reunited, and it is a blessing that our clients choose us and trust us. We have almost 30 years of bail bond industry experience and more satisfied customers than other bail bond companies...

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Unfortunately, Modesto Bail Bond Store Can’t Do Everything

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Modesto Bail Bonds

When Modesto Bail Bond Store bails your loved one out of jail, it seems as if this company can do anything. To you, they quickly become a heaven-sent answer to your prayers. They helped you through this one very difficult time in your life and now, seeing first hand how reliable they are, you think they can do everything.

That is quite a compliment but unfortunately we here at Modesto Bail Bond Store have limitations to what we can do for you. Sad face. We cannot:

  • Give legal advice.
  • Refer you to an attorney.
  • Deposit any monies towards the defendant for referring business.
  • Take bribes.
  • Negotiate a bail bond before a crime has taken place.

However, we at Modesto Bail Bond Store, can and definitely will provide you with a bail bond at the ...

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Small Savings Equals Big

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Modesto Bail Bonds

Saving money can be easy for some people, harder for others. We always try and justify all our purchases but in reality, we know we can let some things go and move around other spendings. Saving money is a long-term happening but here are some quick tips that will save small now but equal to big savings in the longer run.

  • Cook more meals at home and dine out less. One meal at a restaurant can cost $10-$25+ per person. One person can spend that much on groceries to last them a handful of meals for the entire week.
  • Cancel luxury subscription services like gossip magazines, Netflix, and even the gym. Instead, catch up on celebrity gossip online or at the newspaper/magazine stand and work out in the beautiful outdoors!
  • Say no to weekly shopping...
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Make Your Friend Get Help Before It’s Too Late

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Modesto Bail Bonds

Sometimes being a best friend means doing things that will make your friend very, very mad at you. For example, your best friend is quite the alcoholic. As many times as he drives while impaired and gets home safely, you can’t help but cringe each time you know he does it. You can’t help but have a feeling that one day he won’t make it home.

A friend will say something, but let go of their safety argument within minutes. A best friend though, would be more proactive – like taking away his keys or doing something even more extreme – like having an intervention with him or even getting him professional help. A best friend has a good heart and the right intentions...

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Cash Bail Isn’t For Everyone

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Modesto Bail Bonds

The Justice Department behind the Obama administration is making efforts to further protect defendants’ rights, especially those who come from the lower classes. They are arguing, before a federal appeals court for the first time, that it is unconstitutional to hold defendants in jail when they cannot afford to post bail. It is a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The filing stems from the case of Maurice Walker of Georgia. Walker was arrested for being a “pedestrian under the influence,” a misdemeanor crime. He was held on a $160 bail, which he could not afford; he was kept in jail for 6 nights. In Walker’s case, he was eventually granted release on own recognizance. But of course, there are supporters and opposers of both sides...

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Mission Of Lathrop Bail Bond Store

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Lathrop Bail Bonds

At Lathrop Bail Bond Store, “it is the mission of our company to provide each of our valued clients with fast, confidential, and courteous service. We believe in the right to bail and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. We also believe each person has the right to a fair and speedy trial and has the right to be represented by an attorney.”

Unfortunately though, we specialize in the bail bond service; we cannot refer legal counsel. But, as you probably know, what happens when someone is arrested is that they’re read their Miranda Rights, which says they have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney; if they cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to them.

As for the bail bonds that we can and will p...

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Don’t Let One Bad Phone Call Ruin Your Entire Day

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Hughson Bail Bonds

For some reason, it is so easy for us to see the negative in any situations, and to let one bad day drag on and on and on. It can be equally easy for us to mentally turn the situation around, but there’s something about being stressed and upset and moody that seems to hold us down.

Stop letting that happen, no matter how bad your day is going.

Say you got a call from your son – he’s been arrested and needs you to help bail him out. Right there you’ll feel anger, disappointment, frustration, etc. That’s okay – you should feel this way. But you shouldn’t let it carry on.

Contact Hughson Bail Bond Store so we can help you bail your son out of jail at a more affordable rate. This is a turning point in the situation...

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What Is On Your Criminal History Background Check?

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Chowchilla Bail Bonds

Anyone who has ever been arrested is going to be concerned about what happens when they apply for jobs and housing – there’s always that piece of information on the application where it asks if you’ve ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. It also says the hiring committee and landlord may do a background check on you first if they wish. Though not as scary as when you were actually being arrested, this is still quite a nerve-racking thought. What will they find out? How will my past behavior affect my current hopes and aspirations?

Background checks reveal records of any misdemeanors and felonies of the defendant. It will show whether the person was convicted or not...

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College – Fun, But Safe And Wise

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Ceres Bail Bonds

Anyone who is in college right now probably already has a bunch of parties lined up for the coming weekend. We get it, we’ve been there – college was the time of our lives and you’re just trying to make it the time of yours! We’re just here to make sure you really have a safe and positive college experience.

Anyone younger than 21 isn’t supposed to drink alcohol but we all know that plenty of men and women drink before they’re legally allowed to. We don’t particularly condone it but it’s not our position to prevent you from doing it. It is our position though to advise you if you ever run into legal trouble while you’re in school in California.

If you or any of your friends are arrested one day no matter what the situa...

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No Special Treatment At Bystrom Bail Bond Store

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Bystrom Bail Bonds

Celebrities often get special and favored treatment, but when it comes to cracking down on serious matters where the police are involved, that special treatment isn’t so special anymore. Celebrities get arrested for violating and committing crimes just like everyone else does. But they also get all the media attention with that as well – that is a special treatment that we’re sure you’re, for once, glad you DON’T have!

Celebrities are arrested too, like everyone else. And like most everyone else, they’re granted the opportunity to post bail. Unlike most everyone else, they can more easily afford cash bail. But that doesn’t mean they go that route; celebrities use bail bonds too – just like many people...

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