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Remember This If You Are Ever Stopped By The Police

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You do not have to be suspected of committing a crime for the police to stop and question you. The police stop and speak with all kinds of people daily, it is their job. If it ever happens to you, try and remember this: Get the officer’s name and badge number. Take note of their […]

College – Fun, But Safe And Wise

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For reliable 24/7 bail bond service, call 209-575-1010 Anyone who is in college right now probably already has a bunch of parties lined up for the coming weekend. We get it, we’ve been there – college was the time of our lives and you’re just trying to make it the time of yours! We’re just […]

Repair Your Reputation With Ceres Bail Bond Store

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Reputation is a big deal to everyone. As much as we do not want to be judged based on our reputation, we are. There are many times we get boosts in our reputations and there will be a few instances that will bring it down a level. However, even when it goes down, it can […]

How To Find Out If Your Loved One Is Given Bail

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The option to post bail is not up to the defendant, the defendant’s family and friends, or the arresting police, it is up to the judge. Since the judge is never actively present at the time of the actual arrest, the defendant will not immediately know if he or she has been afforded the opportunity […]

Bail Bonds Are More Reasonable Than Cash Bail

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Paying for cash bail is more often than not a financial struggle. It requires paying the entire bail amount thousands of dollars before being physically released from jail. That is an unimaginable solution to many people. Paying for a bail bond is much more reasonable to the majority of people who are arrested and their […]

Remain Calm If You Approach A DUI Checkpoint

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Over the 4th of July weekend, you will probably notice an influx of traffic checkpoints. This is because it is a holiday weekend. There will be many travelers, and there will be a lot of partying. Your friends have told you about their checkpoint experiences and have even warned others on social media about where […]

Factors Determining Bail

California judges have what is called a bail schedule, which they follow whenever they are required to determine the amount of bail for a defendant. For the record, all states have different bail schedule. The bail schedule is reviewed and modified as necessary yearly. Besides following the bail schedule, the judge will also consider the […]

Show Your Loved One That You Care About Him or Her by Bailing Him or Her Out of Jail

If you were to get arrested right now, would you not want your loved ones to bail you out? Of course you would. No one wants to stay in jail, so if you have a friend or family member who has been arrested, bail him or her out of jail today. Go to Ceres Bail […]

Bail Your Loved One Out of Jail with Ceres Bail Bond Store

If you somehow found yourself behind bars, would you not want someone to come to your rescue and bail you out of jail? Imagine if someone you cared about had found him or herself in jail, would he or she not feel the same way? Help your loved one get out of jail by talking […]

Rescue Someone You Love from Jail with Ceres Bail Bond Store

Do not make someone you care about sit in a jail cell, bail him or her out today with Ceres Bail Bond Store. We will help you rescue your friend or family member from jail quickly and we will make the entire bail process easier for you. We have been helping Californians rescue their loved […]