Tips For Staying Safe While Camping


Camping is a great way to enjoy both the fantastic summer weather and breathtaking beauty California has to offer. The great thing about camping is that it’s also affordable and usually something you can do at the spur of the moment.

The key to getting the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your camping adventure is making sure you are safety conscious the entire time you’re camping.

Be Knowledgeable About Basic First Aid

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, accidents do happen and anytime there’s an accident, there’s a risk of an injury. Before you embark on a camping adventure, set aside some time to acquaint yourself with basic first aid. Make sure you know how to tie a tourniquet to slow bleed, how to apply a pressure bandage and how to manage a sprain.

While you’re learni...

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U.S. Senate Moves To Protect Asian Americans


There has been a surge in the number of Asian hate crimes during the past few months. Georgia has been hit particularly hard by these crimes, as have other states. California hasn’t been able to escape this particular brand of crime.

Just a few days ago a California resident of Orange County was charged after he allegedly attacked an elderly Asian couple. Reports indicate that the attack was unprovoked. The attacker was charged with two felony counts of battery, as well as two felony counts of elder abuse. It’s likely that the additional charges of felony hate crime enhancement will be added to the list of charges.

In addition to the charges the man faces from his attack on the elderly couple, there’s also a current investigation exploring an accusation that he launched a verbal attac...

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COVID-19 Laws Are Changing In California… Again!


It often seems like as soon as you figure out California’s COVID-19 laws, they change. Some of the changes make sense and are either easy to follow or they don’t pertain to you. Others are just complicated.

The Easy-to-Follow New COVID-19 Laws In California

Below are the new COVID-19 laws that are easy to understand and follow.

  1. Hospitals Must Stockpile Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

    One of the most sensible laws that probably won’t change once the worry about COVID-19 fades pertains to hospitals. Starting in April 2021, all hospitals were required to have a three-month supply of PPE equipment on hand for all of their employees. Failing to have the necessary equipment could result in a $25,000 fine.

    This law makes sense...

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Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer


Summer is finally here which means long days and lots of freedom for your kids.

While you want your kids to have a great time and make lots of good memories this summer, you also want them to stay safe. The good news is that it’s possible to do both.

Preventing Heat Stroke

One of the summertime dangers parents don’t always think about is heatstroke. While heatstroke in kids is rare, it does happen and it can be deadly.

Most cases of heatstroke in kids occur in cars. The inside of a car can heat up quickly during the summer months and if a child is strapped into a car seat, they can quickly develop a case of fatal heatstroke. This usually happens when a guardian has completely forgotten the child is in the car.

The best way to make sure you never accidentally leave your child in the ca...

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Crime Rates And The 10 Safest Places To Live In California


Whether a person is looking to move or just wants to know how safe their neighborhood is, they will probably end up looking at crime rates. Looking at crime rates and statistics allows a person to get a good idea of how safe or dangerous an area may be. Having this information helps a person determine if they want to live in an area or whether or not they want to raise kids there.

Unfortunately, not every city in the world is as safe as every other city. Some places are safe enough for their residents to walk the streets without a care in the world. In other areas, a person could run into trouble just going around the block. Anyone looking to make an informed and safe decision regarding their future should know exactly what they are getting into when living in certain areas.

What Are Crim...

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At What Age Can You Leave Your Child Alone


Every parent has been there. They need to quickly run into town for something such as a gallon of milk, an emergency dental appointment, or to pick up something from work. You don’t want to bring your child with you, but you’re not sure if you’re legally allowed to leave them at home.

California’s Laws About Leaving Children Home Alone

At this moment, the State of California doesn’t have any actual laws that deal with how old your child has to be before you can leave them unattended while you run to the store. The only states that currently have such laws are Maryland, Illinois, and Oregon. However, that doesn’t mean you’re free to leave your two-year-old in the crib while you nip out for a quick breakfast.

California law makers believe that it should be up to the parent to de...

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Dealing With Month-To-Month Tenants


The advantage of having a year-long contract for a rental property is that you know that you’ll be collecting rent for the space for at least a year, something that isn’t guaranteed when you rent the unit on a month-to-month system. The biggest advantage to the month-to-month system is that California law doesn’t require that you and your tenant have a written contract. The agreement can be oral, this makes it easier for you as the landlord to decide if the rental situation isn’t working and you want the tenant to move out.

While you aren’t required to create a contract for a month-to-month rental in California, you do have to provide your tenants with written contact information.

When you’re dealing with a month-to-month tenancy agreement, you have the right to ask the tenant t...

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Dog Bites In California


Everyone’s excitement about having pets back in the White House has dimmed considerably following reports that President Biden’s rescue dog, Major, allegedly bit someone. The immediate reaction to the incident was to relocate both presidential dogs.

Dog bites are the biggest fear many dog owners have. Any dog is capable of biting a person. One bite is all it takes to create all sorts of problems.

Dog bites are common in California. According to data collected by State Farm Insurance, the state had approximately 3,600 dog bites just in 2017. The state is a strict liability state which means that if your dog bites someone, you are responsible for paying for the medical bills...

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What Is A Plea Bargain?


Considering how many people are arrested each year in California, there are surprisingly few criminal trials. There are usually two reasons a case doesn’t go to trial. The first is because the charges were dropped, either due to lack of evidence or because the person who filed the charges changed their mind.

The second reason is that the accused ultimately decides to accept a plea bargain.

The simplest way to describe a plea bargain is that it is an agreement that both the defendant and the prosecution enter into. In most cases, the defendant opts to take the plea bargain because they’re worried that if the case goes to trial, they’ll be found guilty and face steep consequences. When compared to the possible consequences connected to the trial, the plea bargain feels like a good deal...

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Standing Your Ground In California


In California, you have the right to defend yourself, even if you’re not inside of your home at the time. The issue is dealt with in California’s self-defense laws which are more popularly referred to as Stand-Your-Ground laws.

What the Stand-Your-Ground laws do is provide you with a way to hold tight and defend yourself from an attack. They most commonly come into play when a person encounters a burglar inside their home, but they also come into play in parking lots, parks, lawns, public buildings and even on the road.

The idea behind the Stand-Your-Ground laws is that you should be able to defend yourself without having to worry about criminal prosecution.

It’s important to understand that the Stand-Your-Ground laws don’t give you free rein to do whatever you want...

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