Criminal Charges Vs. Civil Charges


One of the things that makes the American legal system confusing is that we have both criminal charges and civil charges.

Criminal charges are a straightforward part of the legal process. If you break the law, you’re arrested and criminal charges are filed against you. You have the option of pleading guilty to these charges. If you don’t plead guilty, the case goes to trial and a jury will decide if you’re guilty.

Civil charges are more complicated. Civil charges involve the victims of the crime. The civil court provides victims with an opportunity to do two things. First, they can face the person who they believe impacted the quality of their life. The second thing civil charges do is provide the victims with an opportunity to seek financial retribution.

If you’re unlucky enough ...

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Disorderly Conduct In California


One of the problems with California’s legal system is that sometimes it’s difficult to know that you’re breaking the law. In many disorderly conduct cases, people think they’re just having a good time or being opinionated until the police show up. Sometimes people don’t even know what they’ve done until they hear the charges as the booking officer works through the paperwork.

What is considered disorderly conduct can vary from one state to another. Some cities even have different rules regarding what is and isn’t disorderly conduct.

In California, disorderly conduct is generally considered behavior that irritates, stresses, or alarms those around you. That doesn’t mean your little sister can file disorderly conduct charges against you each time you annoy her while you’re at ...

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When Does A Prank Go Too Far?


Most of us have been involved in pranks, both as the person pulling the prank on another and as someone who has been pranked. In most cases, the pranks are fun and no one is emotionally or physically hurt, but there is always an exception.

The best indicator that a prank has gone too far is when the police has gotten involved. In the eyes of the law, it doesn’t matter if you were pulling a prank or if you deliberately set about to hurt someone. If a law was broken, you could end up in jail.

Most pranks attract legal attention because someone has gotten seriously hurt or property was damaged during the prank.

Here is a small sample of the type of pranks that could potentially get you into hot legal water.

Making Prank Calls

Prank calls seem harmless...

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Spring Break Is Here! Know What An Underage Drinking Charge Will Cost You


Spring break is finally here! It’s time to cut loose, forget all about your studies, and have a good time.

While there’s nothing wrong with relaxing and enjoying yourself, don’t forget that you’re not allowed to drink alcohol until you’re at least twenty-one years old. If you choose to ignore this, an underage drinking charge won’t just ruin your spring break, it will also have a negative impact on your life over the next few years.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pulled over for speeding or if the cops show up at a party, if your blood alcohol content is over .05 and you’re under twenty-one, you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

For the record, a single beer is all it takes to put you over .05.

The days when an underage drinking charge resulted in a difficult...

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The Dangers Of Dares

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We all know what dares are and how they can are often used to challenge our friends and family members. Often times, adults use dares in a joking manner. We do this by daring a friend to talk to a romantic interest or say something to their boss at work. However, even though we have dared that person, we do not actually expect him or her to go through with the dare because we, as adults, understand the consequences.

Dangers Of Dares

Unfortunately, kids pick up on what the adults around them do, and that often includes dares. However, while they understand the concept of a dare, they do not always understand the joking nature behind it. They can take dares seriously, and do not fully comprehend the consequences for following through with the dare. All they want to do is uphold their reputation.

This can c...

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Do You Protect Your Credit Card?

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Credit cards are a great way to purchase things, since they let you make a purchase without actually having the cash in hand. However, they are very vulnerable and can be subject to be stolen.

Crooks can get ahold of credit card information in a number of different ways. Once they have someone’s credit card info, they can open accounts and make purchases that the victim will have to pay for. This is why there are people out there who steal credit card information. They get to buy whatever they want with stolen information and they do not have to pay for any of it.

Here are a few tips for keeping your credit card info safe from the hands of criminals.

  • Do not give your account number to anyone over the phone unless you have made a call to a company that you know is reputable.
  • Never si...
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New Jersey’s Failed Bail Replacement

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At the start of this year, the state of New Jersey eliminated its bail system in favor of a system where judges determine whether or not it is safe to release the defendant. The idea of this new system was to be fairer to people who would not be able to generate the funds needed to pay for bail. This is the very same system that lawmakers want to implement in California.

It is easy to see how this system sounds like a good idea. You remove the need for people to pay to get out of jail, thus allowing even the poorest person to get out of jail. Unfortunately for many people, this new system is a problem. This system does little to protect victims or deter criminals.

Many officers refer to this new setup as a revolving door system...

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Are You Dealing With Stress?

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Being stressed is never much fun, yet so many things can cause people stress on a daily basis. While it may be tiring and exhausting, a little stress can be a good thing. Stress helps you know that something needs to get done and that something needs to change. Of course, too much stress is a very bad thing. This means it is extremely important for everyone to learn how to handle the stress that they face on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to better handle your stress:

  • EAT WELL – Eating well balanced meals will keep you healthy and full of energy, which can keep stress at bay.
  • AVOID ALCOHOL & CAFFEINE – Drinks with alcohol or caffeine can make you jittery or anxious and cause more stress.
  • SLEEP – Getting 8 hours of sleep every night will give your body and m...
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Flying With Your Pet

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Yet again, a certain airline has made its way into headlines. This time a rabbit died while waiting in one of the airline’s pet holding facilities. This latest incident has raised the question of what options do pet owners have when they need to transport their pet long distances.

There are typically 3 options for pet owners when they are flying with their pet.

  • Pets can be checked as carry on within an airline compliant container that will be stored under the passenger’s seat in the cabin.
  • Pets can be checked as baggage in the cargo hold.
  • Service animals, which are not considered pets, can be in the cabin of the airplane without being in a carrier.

Most animals will have to fall within the first 2 options, since the last one is reserved for service animals only...

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Fire Safety Is Important For Californians

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It is warming up here in California, meaning that fire season is growing closer. Nobody wants to experience a wildfire burning near their home, which means that everyone should do their part in preventing wildfires.

California’s Mediterranean climate makes it easy for wildfires to get started. All it takes is one spark on a windy day and several acres can be burned in an instant. To prevent this from happening, it is important that everyone be safe and responsible whenever there is a fire of any sort involved.

To best be prepared for fires inside the house, homeowners should:

  • Check the batteries in the smoke detectors
  • Practice fire drills with the family
  • Have a working fire extinguisher available

Meanwhile, homeowners outside the house should:

  • Keep a safe space free of plants a...
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