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The Best Bail Agents At Ceres Bail Bond Store

Ceres Bail Bonds

With your loved one’s freedom literally in the hands of a stranger at Ceres Bail Bond Store, you must have anxiety running through you. That is in addition to the stress and other emotions you are dealing with knowing that your loved one is sitting in jail. Let us help you ease that stress. Ceres […]

Picture This

Ceres Bail Bonds

Picture your warm, comforting home. Now picture jail. It is likely you are thinking along the lines of cold, dingy, dirty, cement cells and an overall unpleasant experience. If you were arrested, wouldn’t you rather bail out of jail and return home, than live in jail during your entire trial? Now think about how your […]

Just Be There For Your Loved One

Ceres Bail Bonds

You may have had a great start to 2017, but not everyone did. Unfortunately, not everyone including a good friend of yours. They are not in great spirits right now, but your friend is relying on you to help get him or her through this. To support them financially, help them get a bail bond […]

Top Notch Bail Bond Work With Ceres Bail Bond Store

Ceres Bail Bonds

Rated one of California’s most trusted and reliable bail bond company, Ceres Bail Bond Store works magic when it comes to posting bail with bail bonds for anyone who needs our services. 24/7 statewide availability Affordable bail bonds and customized payment plans Fast and confidential service Zero interest No hidden fees Discounts available Cash, credit, […]

Parents Save The Day Once Again!

Ceres Bail Bonds

Growing up, we think Mom and Dad have all the answers to everything. When things get too hard, complicated, or confusing, we turn to them to guide us and take care of the difficult parts. To us, they are superheroes who save each and every day, even if we do not always realize it. When […]

You’re Not Invincible From Jail

You’re young and like to have a lot of fun. You like to party, drink, hang with friends, stay out late, and act as if you are invincible. But, everyone does, and not everyone has the best outcome. Many people just like you find themselves arrested and thrown in jail for offenses related to alcohol […]

Your Tax Return Can Help Pay For Bail

No matter how much or how little you are receiving for your tax return, any amount will help a bit of your financial burden in having to pay for a bail bond. Granted, bail bonds are already the more affordable method to bailing out of jail, but that still doesn’t mean bail bonds are cheap. […]

Flexible Payment Plans For Everyone

There are two reasons why Ceres Bail Bond Store offers multiple payment plans for bail bonds needs. Every individual and family lives under a different financial situation. No one is ever prepared to pay for a bail bond. No one ever expects to receive that call from the jail. Ceres Bail Bond Store is a […]

Show Your Loved One That You Care About Him or Her by Bailing Him or Her Out of Jail

If you were to get arrested right now, would you not want your loved ones to bail you out? Of course you would. No one wants to stay in jail, so if you have a friend or family member who has been arrested, bail him or her out of jail today. Go to Ceres Bail […]

Bail Your Loved One Out of Jail with Ceres Bail Bond Store

If you somehow found yourself behind bars, would you not want someone to come to your rescue and bail you out of jail? Imagine if someone you cared about had found him or herself in jail, would he or she not feel the same way? Help your loved one get out of jail by talking […]